Hand-Made Card that touch every hearts

Hand-Made Card that touch every hearts

express your feeling more uniquely and personally using our Hand-made greeting cards,

inspired by nature and our favorite city and sweets, we deliver the color theme match your personality and message, entirely made by hands, with premium paper & colorant, perfected with elegant metallic envelop to seal your love message securely inside, the pattern was selected carefully and brushed with abundant of love, every strokes is special and one of a kind.

our HAPPY BIRTHDAY card, deliver the joyous and happiness feelings in a sweet and delicate color, we brought the calming LAVENDER color and mix it with MINTY sensation and create one cool and calming aura of LAVENDER MINT, we bring the CANDY SKY to brighten your loved ones’ days, and give you a taste of the sweet sweet BUBBLE GUM, and COTTON CANDY. For chocolate lover we deliver you BANANA CHOCO with a hint of yellow and purple pattern, with gold on the side to give taste of a sweet caramel, all your favorite soft color combine and form a tough-looking ROCKY SOIL, continue your love message journey to the TROPICAL island, as the MORNING SUNSHINE greet you.

CONGRATULATE your best person with our CONGRATULATION collection, as we select the story behind every strokes, we have you enjoy your SUNSET ROSE, laying down PEACEFULly at the beach of SORRENTO, that’s where you find the sweetest ROYAL PERSIMMON coming all the way from SCANDINAVIA, greet by the delicate DANISH & RAMONA, as you watch the sweet pink FLAMINGO dancing in poise.

“Always tell someone how you feel, because opportunities are lose in the blink of an eye, but regrets can last for a lifetime” express your love in words, if you can say it, write it! we have a series of I LOVE YOU COLLECTION for you to tell them WHERE THE HEART GOES, and that the RED ROSES can make your face BLUSHING a deep color of SCARLET.

one lifetime achievement worth a love and appreciation, express it to your special someone with our HAPPY GRADUATION collection, a simple WHAT A PROUD DAY uttered WITH LOVE AND PRIDE, as AN HONOR TO SHARE make them KEEP ON GROWING and LOOK TO THE FUTURE.

we understand there are so much more you need to say, and we are committed to deliver you more and more of our collection, makes sure you check out our website, and get ready to write your special message for your loved ones. 

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