Our brand is founded in September 2013. We are a lifestyle brand that started out as a brand that focus on making natural, handmade skin care and hair treatment. One of our founder suffered from eczema since middle school, there were no permanent remedies for this until she discovered the recipe for a natural, handmade, chemical-free goat’s milk soap to treat her skin which is our Goats Don’t Lie Liquid Soap that now has become one of our best-selling product. Many of our customers with dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, sensitive skin, and acne provided us with feedback that our product have given them the first relief they have had in years. It made us decided to continue on creating other handmade products with no parabens, no harsh detergents, no silicones, and no sulfates by using only the finest, freshest ingredients, that contain none to little preservatives. After a few years of running and providing our customers with the best shower experience.

We now want to provide you with the best shopping experience by catering to your every need, in beauty, fashion and accessories. We wish that our customers can feel a little more convenient when they shop online with us because we supply them not only with a variety of products but also the best quality of products and service with affordable price. We believe that our customers deserve to get the most out of us, at TBB we place your personal satisfaction on a high ground and we value your trust in us.